Why It’s Important to Make Yourself A Priority

Why It's Important To Make Yourself a Priority on Waketon Road wearing Old Navy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how I like to set the tone for the week. As I have gotten older (I’m about a month out from my 28th birthday) my priorities have really shifted. Not that I was really ever wild and crazy but my health and wellness are such a priority today. Now I’m not strictly talking about fitness-type health, although that has been more of a focus lately as well. I’m talking more about my mental and emotional health.

Why It's Important To Make Yourself a Priority on Waketon Road wearing Old Navy

It can be so easy in today’s society to get completely overwhelmed. With social media, the fast-paced world we live in and the amount of pressure we put on ourselves. Like everyone, I work hard, I am busy, I have things going on in life. I used to run full force until I would hit a wall and crash, completely exhausted. That wasn’t healthy, nor was it productive. Now that I’m a little older, and slightly wiser, I realize the importance of pacing myself and saying no to things that will stretch me too thin.

Why It's Important To Make Yourself a Priority on Waketon Road wearing Old Navy

With working full-time and juggling the blog, which I consider a side business not a hobby, it can be easy to get worn out. My day job can be very demanding and stressful, but it’s an environment I thrive in. I do well having to juggle several things because I have learned the importance of prioritizing. I start every day by making a list of the top five things that I have to get done that day. Anything I do beyond that is a bonus but not a priority. I used to try (and fail) to fit everything into a limited amount of time. That always left me feeling like I was sinking.

Why It's Important To Make Yourself a Priority on Waketon Road wearing Old Navy

I also stopped letting people influence my priorities or schedule. This was a hard shift for me because I like to help so I would drop everything and take on someone else’s task if they needed assistance. That would put me behind on my own work and leave me feeling pulled in too many different directions. Now I say I can help when I finish my priority list.

Why It's Important To Make Yourself a Priority on Waketon Road wearing Old Navy

Learning to put yourself and your priorities first is not selfish, it’s the opposite. You are your best self when you are rested, content and feel like you are taking care of yourself. As I mentioned in this post, I like to take my Sunday mornings for “me time.” Since I work hard during the week on all of my priorities, I reward myself with a Sunday morning that revitalizes me. Making my mental health a priority is one of the best decisions I can make in ensuring I am functioning at my best.

Why It's Important To Make Yourself a Priority on Waketon Road wearing Old Navy

I think life is all about balance. Work hard but also know when it’s important to take breaks. If that means taking a few days off from social media, or saying no to an invitation when you are pressed for time, do it! I know my limits and know what I am capable of, so when it’s time to take a break I do and I don’t beat myself up for it. What about you? What do you do to make yourself a priority?

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8 thoughts on “Why It’s Important to Make Yourself A Priority

  1. Katherine Swain

    I could not agree more with you! Work hard, play hard is definitely a motto of ours because with workaholic personalities, you have to know when to stop. Love your cute & casual outfit btw 🙂

    Katherine | http://www.oneswainkycouple.com

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Yes, learning to put work aside is hard but it’s so necessary! Thanks Katherine! xo Bryn

  2. Taylor

    So much truth in this post, I absolutely agree! Making yourself (and your well being) a priority is so important. I try to use my mornings and nights as time to focus on myself whether it be going to the gym followed by a healthy breakfast before work or reading and meditating before bed at night. The littlest things can make a difference!

    Taylor | http://www.livingtaylored.com

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      I totally agree, it’s the little things! I love using my mornings, but I need to be better about my time at night. I love that you meditate before bed. Great idea! xo Bryn

  3. Courtney- Life Of A Med School Wife Blog

    I LOVE this look and I absolutely agree! I have trouble saying “no,” so I often find myself overwhelmed because I am a people pleaser and easily spread myself thin. I am trying to learn to make myself a priority

  4. Jenn Lake

    So many great points to remember! Happy Friday, lady!

  5. Maddy

    I agree. Over the past few years I have gotten quite good at saying no and no longer feel FOMO about anything (well mostly anything). I’m a better person to everyone else when I’m better to myself and I totally agree.

    xo, Maddy

  6. Courtney Hardy

    I totally agree with you. If you work too hard you will burn out, but a lot of people don’t realize that because society always tells them to be in with the rat race. But making yourself a priority is very important for your mental health.

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