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Travel Style - Waketon Road

The Holiday’s are upon us which means travel for many of you. Brian and I are fortunate that both of our families live within 20 minutes of us. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t traveling happening this time of year. As I’ve mentioned before, I love to travel. No matter where I’m heading I prepare for my travel in the same way. In this post I shared how I prep and pack for my trips. Something else that I don’t change too often is my travel style.

Travel Style - Waketon Road

Travel Style - Waketon Road Blog

My travel style is pretty consistent year round. I am also not one of those people who wear yoga or sweat pants to travel in. It’s probably a result of my parents being in the airline industry, but I’m used to dressing nice while traveling. I remember when I was younger and traveling on my mom’s passes, we had to be dressed! No jeans, only dresses, skirts or nice pants. To the point where I remember frantically changing in bathrooms a few times before boarding because the gate agent didn’t think I was dressed nice enough. The rules have relaxed these days and jeans are allowed, finally.

Travel Style - Waketon Road

Travel Style - Waketon Road

For me, I like to look put together but still comfortable. You will always find me in a pair of jeans, usually my black pair. If someone spills something on me, it’ll be hard to see on black pants! When it comes to packing for any trip I without fail bring one pair of black and one denim. Wearing one pair leaves more room in my suitcase.

Travel Style - Waketon Road

I’m that girl who is always freezing on the plane so over the years I have learned what I will be comfortable in. Long cardigans are my go-to. They are long enough for me to wrap myself up in and they can help to keep my legs covered. It’s also customary for me to wear some type of scarf or shawl that will be my blanket when I’m on the plane. I’m making it sound like it’s negative 30 degrees in the plane, but I would always rather be prepared. I can always throw the scarf in my bag.

Travel Style - Waketon Road

Travel Style - Waketon Road

For my shoes I rotate between flats and sneakers. If it’s a shorter trip I’ll usually opt for flats. I want something that I can easily slip in and out of for security. On a longer flight, I’ll go with a sneaker. A longer flight can mean my feet might get cold so I love to have socks with me. If I know I am going to be going through customs, I’ll definitely want a sneaker since they provide more support while I’m standing in line.

Travel Style - Waketon Road

My bag is always a large tote bag. You can read more about how I organize my carry-on in this post. But it’s important for me to keep everything organized and accessible.

Travel Style - Waketon Road

What’s your favorite travel style? Also, if you are traveling around the holidays be safe! Traveling can be stressful, but even more around this time of year. Just remember to give yourself a little extra time before your flight. Be overly prepared. And don’t forget to be kind. Everyone else is frustrated too, but a simple smile goes a long way! xo Bryn

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  1. Courtney

    That outfit is adorable. I love the plaid scarf.

  2. Taylor

    Such a cute look! I am the same way and still prefer to travel in “dressy casual” style!

    Taylor |

  3. Dana

    Seriously LOVING your travel look! Also, so cool that both of your parents were in the airline industry. I definitely prefer to be more “dressed up” when I travel — just makes me feel better!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  4. Peppermint Dolly

    Great outfit – love the scarf – I always travel with one!


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