By The Water

I’ve said it multiple times, but I love to travel. I don’t really know what it is most about traveling (certainly not the act of traveling i.e. airports, planes, etc.) but it makes me feel so alive. I love my home, where I live, and the routine I have but that doesn’t mean I don’t jump at the chance to go somewhere. Visiting a place that is completely different from your usual surroundings gives you so much perspective and appreciation.

My aunt and uncle moved to Alabama, just on the border of Florida a few years ago and this is only my second time visiting. You can see more of my trip here, here and here. I fell even more in love with the area this time because I really got to experience the peacefulness that comes with living by the water. Living in Dallas we have few lakes close by but it’s not the same.

I love the water! Whether it’s the ocean, a pool or even the rain. Being by the water always relaxes me. Since my aunt’s house is close to the pier we took full advantage of it and walked down to the water every day. On our last morning we got up early to take in the view one last time before heading home. Wherever I have traveled to, it’s always important to me to soak up my surroundings.

I brought this wrap, maxi dress with me thinking I would wear it to dinner one night. Instead I threw it on over my sports bra, slid into my sandals and walked down to the pier. I love that it can be worn so casually. It’s the perfect style for a hot, humid day since the fabric is light and doesn’t cling. Maxi dresses are always a staple for summer. It gives the impression that you put so much thought into your look, when in reality, it can be thrown together.

After this trip I understand why so many people love to live by the water. Being able to start your morning in such a serene place makes such a difference to your attitude. I always feel so refreshed after being by the water for a few days. There is nothing better than the sand between your toes and the smell of the salty air. xo Bryn

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6 thoughts on “By The Water

  1. Rach

    I love to travel as well and something about being by the water is so incredible! I love this dress Bryn!

  2. Taylor

    I am the same way! I’m not necessarily a beach person but I do love being by the water, it is so calming!

    Taylor |

  3. Katherine Swain

    Gorgeous photos! I used to live in Florida and being by the water really does affect your whole mental state and well being. I’m glad you had a good time!

    Katherine |

  4. Courtney Hardy

    I love your pictures, it sounds really nice there.

  5. Kara Aragon

    Love your wrap dress & what a beautiful spot!

    Kara Aragon

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