How To Handle Life’s Challenges

Gloomy days – we all have them! Life has its ups and downs and there’s no escaping it. Recently there have been a few more challenging days than normal which got me thinking. It’s not the challenges that life throws at you that really matter it’s how you handle it. Occasionally it will rain on your parade, but it’s all about finding the silver lining. It can be tough to see it at the time, but there is always something to be grateful for. I want to share a few ways that have helped me though a difficult month, that I hope will help you as well.

How To Handle Life's Challenges on Waketon Road Blog

I’ve had a really overwhelming month between the demands of my full-time job, the blog and all of the other duties that come along with adulting. We’ve had a few unexpected things come up this month, including a massive hail storm that will probably result in needing a new roof. Storm season in Texas is always interesting! So with a crazy month, I’ve been doing a few things that help me take it all in stride.

How To Handle Life's Challenges on Waketon Road Blog

Take a Deep Breath – I can get frustrated or overwhelmed pretty quickly. I work hard but I don’t always realize that I put too much on my plate. This results in a lot of anxiety and frustration. When I notice that I’m really irritated I take a deep breath and change my focus. Maybe I need to pet my dog for a few minutes, or go make myself a cup of tea. Just giving yourself time to breathe is so important.

How To Handle Life's Challenges on Waketon Road Blog

Ask for Help – Brian was away last month so it was hard not to feel like everything was falling on me. This made everything that much harder to handle because I felt like I was juggling so many different things. Having people around you that you can lean on is so important. Whether that’s family, friends or coworkers it’s okay to ask for help when you feel like you’ve had too much. Just having people you know support you makes everything feel much more manageable.

How To Handle Life's Challenges on Waketon Road Blog

Walk Away – This is one step further from taking a breather. Sometimes you really just need to walk away from a project or a situation to let everything calm down. Go back to it a few days later and I promise things will look completely different. I’m always guilty of being stubborn and not wanting to give up. It ends up making me even more frustrated! I had a project that seemed like it would never end. Everything I did wasn’t working and I couldn’t think straight anymore. I went back to it a week later and finished it in under 15 minutes! It’s all about coming back with a fresh perspective.

How To Handle Life's Challenges on Waketon Road Blog

Focus on the Positive – It can be so hard to see a silver lining when it feels like everything is hitting at the same time. Take our roof for example, that is a cost that we were not expecting but it only took a minute for me to be able to say I am so grateful to just have a roof over my head. It’s a blessing to own a home that I love and insurance that can help with the unexpected. Once you start focusing on the positives, the challenges seem so much smaller. It’s a goal of mine to live in gratitude rather than focus on the negative. It has such an impact on how you see life.

How To Handle Life's Challenges on Waketon Road Blog

The saying “April showers bring May flowers” has been so appropriate lately. There might be gloomy days, but after the storm comes the sunshine. Using these tips has helped me handle everything life has been throwing at me lately. What do you do when life hands you challenges? Let me know in the comments below. I always love hearing what other people do! Have a great week! xo Bryn

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26 thoughts on “How To Handle Life’s Challenges

  1. Taylor

    Love this, Bryn! Such a great perspective to have. I can absolutely relate to this.

    Taylor |


      Thank you Taylor! I’m so glad you can relate to this!! I think we all need to be reminded every once and a while that the bad days will pass. xo Bryn

  2. Melissa Moxie

    You have a great outlook on life.


      Thank you so much Melissa! I try to keep it positive! xo Bryn

  3. Mary powers

    Love this post, Bryn! We’ve had a challenging few months as well, and this is so helpful ❤ Also, holy cuteness!!! Adore your rainy day outfit!

    – Mary


      Thank you so much Mary! I hope the next month is a brighter one for you!! xo Bryn

  4. Dana Mannarino

    GIRL! Great to see how positive you are, even when things never seem to go right!

    PS: This look is really perfect for you!

    Pink Champagne Problems


      Thank you Dana!! I really appreciate it! xo Bryn

  5. Chloé

    I adore this post! I often need the reminder to look at the positives- especially in the midst of this rainy weather. Also, you are stunning in these pics!


      Thank you so much Chloe! I think we all need the reminder every once and while! xo Bryn

  6. Kelsey

    These are so great tips and I love your outfit!
    Xo, Kelsey |


      Thank you Kelsey! I appreciate it! xo Bryn

  7. Rachel Puccetti

    Great ideas! I know how hard it is to work full time & blog. It definitely gets overwhelming at times.
    Thanks for sharing!


      It can be challenging, but always a fun challenge in the end! xo Bryn

  8. Rach

    For me, thinking Positive is what helps me through life’s challenges. It helps me focus on what really matters and how to achieve it. Cute rainy day outfit!


      You always inspire me with you positivity Rach!! xo Bryn

  9. Petra

    Have you noticed how many people are growing their self-esteem lately by looking for the positive in themselves, other’s and daily situations? Your post is infectious, Bryn, thanks for giving a voice to my musings.


      Thank you so much! xo Bryn

  10. julia bradbury

    oh Bryn what delightful photos and it’s lovely to see you wearing your Wellingtons in the rain, I slip my legs into my Wellingtons at the slightest hint of rain and my Stockings never get splashed.


      Thank you Julia! Aren’t they just the best!? I wear mine all of the time! xo Bryn

  11. Bridget

    This was just what I needed to hear today! I am a positive person, but sometimes life seems to close in. I have to remind myself of my blessings, as you stated in this post, and I’m quick to re-think what’s going on! It always give me peace and calm. Thank you, Bryn!


      It happens to us all! It can be hard to keep perspective sometimes, but I’ve found this helps me! xo Bryn

  12. Carolyn

    totally great tips. I do all of those while trying to work through issues as well. keep up the positive attitude!


      Thank you Carolyn! It’s important to move though everything! xo Bryn

  13. Tatjana

    What a wonderful post Bryn and how fitting is your photography! I’ve lots of bad or better rephrased difficult moments this month as well. I follow similar steps like you, but always a good talk with my husband is most helpful!
    Thanks so much for the inspiration.
    Love from


      Thank you so much Tatjana! I totally agree that talking to someone you love is so helpful! xo Bryn

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