San Diego for the Weekend

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

I’m just getting home from my weekend in San Diego visiting my hubby. Brian is in the Navy Reserves and every year he has a two-week duty somewhere. The past couple of years he has been lucky enough to get San Diego. I never complain because it’s the perfect excuse for me to take a long weekend and visit him.

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

I feel like it’s been ages since Brian has been home so this weekend was much-needed. In addition to the Navy, Brian works full-time in off-shore drilling and has been away at work since November. So needless to say I jumped at the chance to see him for a few days.

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

I arrived in San Diego bright and early on Friday and we wasted no time heading downtown for breakfast. We stumbled upon the cutest spot – Cafe Chloe and spent the next couple of hours catching up over our lattes. If you are in the downtown Gaslamp Quarter I highly recommend this spot. It was the best French toast I have ever had!

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

After breakfast we decided to check out Old Town which we hadn’t been able to fit in on our previous trip (more here and here). It’s such a cute area to walk around and enjoy the cute shops. The weather was in the 50s and overcast which had the Californians bundled up, but for us it felt great.

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

By the afternoon the sun was starting to peek through the clouds which gave us the idea to drive over to Sunset Cliffs. Even though neither of us were dressed for a hike along the cliffs I’m so glad we went! It was a highlight of the trip for me. The California coastline is so beautiful.

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

There is something so amazing about seeing the power of how the ocean has shaped the land. The sun was hitting the water and creating the most beautiful glow. We hiked down the trails (yes in my pointy toe flats) to the water and spent a little time just enjoying the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks.

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

San Diego for the Weekend on Waketon Road Blog

It’s the moments like these that are always the best on any trip. The unplanned experiences that happen by being open and adventurous. Brian and I are usually up for almost anything when we travel together. At the end of the day if our feet aren’t tired and sore then we didn’t do it right.

I’ll be sharing a little more of our time in San Diego this week. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great week! Xo Bryn

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23 thoughts on “San Diego for the Weekend

  1. Rach

    I love SD! These photos are beautiful! Love the one of you on the cliff!


      Thanks Rach!! I love it too, it’s such a pretty place! xo Bryn

  2. Bridget

    The photo’s are amazing! What a great photographer! 🙂 It makes me want to go to San Diego-I’ve always heard it’s just gorgeous there! The pics don’t lie! And, you look beautiful too, Bryn!


      It’s so nice to have a professional photographer following me around! 😉 You would absolutely love it! xo Bryn

  3. Tatjana

    I like you philosophy guys, if the feet are not sore then something was not done right. On our trips my hubby I always get sore muscles hihi.
    Such beautiful pictures Bryn!
    Have a great weekend ahead darling!


      Right?! You just have to walk until you’ve seen it all! Thanks so much T! xo Bryn

  4. Kathryn

    *insert heart eye emoji*

    This trip looks like so much fun! And delicious!

    xx Kathryn


      There was no shortage of amazing views and delicious food, for sure!! Thanks girl! xo Bryn

  5. Belen Baquerizo

    wow! that must be difficult for you but I’m glad he’s close and you guys find time to be together.
    – Belen
    Wrote about using today to be productive! A Hint of Life


      Thank you! That’s the key, always finding time! xo Bryn

  6. Lauren

    Your travel photos are always the best – loving these and totally wish that were my view! That breakfast looks so delicious, and I’m obsessed with your pretty blue trench!



      Thanks so much Lauren! I’m wishing that was still my view too! It always goes by so fast!! xo Bryn

  7. Meghan

    I love San Diego! It’s my second home! I used to live there when I was in college and absolutely love it. It’s so beautiful. I hope you had a wonderful time and got to spend some quality time with your husband.

    Meghan |


      Oh how fun, Meghan! It really is so beautiful and you can’t beat the weather! xo Bryn

  8. Christina Beauchamp

    San Diego is such an amazing local and this vibrant blue is absolute MAGIC on you!! Have the happiest week, Bryn!

    hugs, Christina

    Christina | Fashion & Frills


      Thank you Christina! San Diego really is a special place! Hope you’re doing well, girl! xo Bryn

  9. Chantelle

    San Diego is one of my favorite places! So many great memories there. Your pictures look beautiful! So glad you were able to spend some time with your hubby!


      Thank you so much! It is one of my favorite cities to visit, always so much to do there! xo Bryn

  10. Kylen

    Wow! Looks like it was a really special weekend trip. I enjoyed looking through your photos. That blue coat you’re wearing is gorgeous!

    XO Kylen | Kylen Every Wear

  11. Taylor

    I love San Diego! My friend’s husband is in the Marines down there, so I just drove down to visit a couple of months ago and I just love the relaxed, beach vibe there. If you haven’t been to Torrey Pines, you should definitely check it out next time you are down there! It looks similar to the photos you took on the cliffs, and is absolutely beautiful! I have a post about it on my page! I look forward to reading more about your trip 🙂

    xo, Taylor

  12. Lisa

    This looks so nice, just saved the Cafe on Gmaps for future Trips 🙂

  13. Alexandra

    Everything just looks so beautiful – I really want to spend a few months exploring the US (one day ahaha). What did you order at the café? They look so yummy! xx

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