The Solution to Your Bra-blems with ThirdLove

As women we all have certain things that we refer to as “problems”. Sometimes as I shoe lover I have said I have a “shoe problem!” For some women it’s shoes, others it’s handbags, then there are the makeup junkies, and the list goes on. But one problem every woman has dealt with in her life is finding the perfect bra.

There is always something I find with bras that drives me crazy. Finding the right size can be such a challenge and on top of that we worry about cup gaping, straps being visible or constantly falling off our shoulders. These are all things ThirdLove has cutely coined “Bra-blems”. They have created a great resource for fit issues on their site with solutions on how to find your best fit.

I never had a proper bra fitting when I started wearing bras so I have been doing a lot of guess-work over the years to try to find a style that fits and is comfortable. The second I get home I take off my bra because it has been such a battle all day. So when I discovered the ThirdLove Fit Finder™ I was excited to actually find a solution to my personal “bra-blems.”

Did you know their bras come in 1/2 sizes? This made all of the difference for me! After getting my Fit Finder™ results the 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra was recommended to me. With ThirdLove you can actually try the bra for 30 days for FREE. This means you wear it, take off the tags, test it out and (in my case) love it. If it doesn’t work or you want a different size all you have to do is contact ThirdLove for a free return or exchange. At the end of the 30 days if you have not contacted ThirdLove then they will charge your card for the amount of your order.

This process was incredibly simple and I can honestly say that I love this bra. The first day I wore it I came home after my usual long day and changed into my sweats. It wasn’t until I was getting ready for bed that I realized I completely forgot to take off my bra! That never happens people!!

As a fashion lover and as a professional, it is important for me to look my best at all times. That includes the foundation of my outfits. Nothing can mess up a look more than bra lines. ThirdLove’s message is so true: the best bra is the one you never think about.

To receive 15% off your order from ThirdLove this December use code “TL15BRABLEMSDEC” at checkout. This lace beauty is in my shopping cart! ThirdLove also has some great gifts including cozy sleepwear. Happy Shopping!

7 thoughts on “The Solution to Your Bra-blems with ThirdLove

  1. Rach

    I’ve heard so many great things about ThirdLove. Definitely worth checking out. And how amazing is your closet!!

  2. Sheila Joy

    Wow, never knew that bras could come in half sizes–how revolutionary! x

  3. Portia

    Your closet is beautiful!

  4. Mary Powers

    So many things to comment on lol! First of all, your closet! Holy cow #closetgoals. Second, you are such a great blogger! Your posts are always so good and written so well. Third, your pics are insanely gorgeous! Where did you find peonies right now?!!! This bra looks and sounds amazing and what a cool concept for a company!!

  5. Mary Murnane

    Thanks SO much for sharing! I will check this out.


  6. molly

    Awesome post! I normally hate wearing regular bras…so uncomfortable!


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