Orange Blazer for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Every year when Halloween rolls around I find myself thinking back to my childhood days of trick-or-treating. It’s pretty safe to assume I was dressed up as the latest Disney princess. I always loved getting dressed up as some character (I was a very theatrical child) but over the years the desire to dress up in a costume changed. I still love to dress up, but in a different way. Now, I genuinely like getting dressed everyday. I pick my clothes based on my mood and my surroundings, much like I chose my Halloween costume as a child.

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

These days, the thing I love most about Halloween is staying home and passing out the candy to all the adorable neighborhood kids. This will be the first year that we have neighbors on our street. Last year we were the first finished house on the block so I was stuck with a lot of left over candy. I’m excited to see who we have come by this year. I love seeing how creative parents have gotten with costumes these days.

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

Even though I don’t get dressed up in a costume I am an Oklahoma State Alum so I never miss the chance to wear my bright orange. I wear my orange blazer to work every year on Halloween to feel a tad more festive. I’ve had this blazer since my early Michael Kors days but I have found a couple of similar ones here and here. The color makes it such a fun fall piece. Since we don’t have the variety of colors in the changing leaves in Texas we have to bring the color in through our wardrobe. This blazer does just the trick.

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

The Halloween spirit must have been in the air, because right as we started shooting, a black cat crossed our path. I’ve never been one for superstitions but I do have to say of all days, it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. Between the beautiful fall décor on the stoops and my slinky little friend it definitely felt like Halloween.

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

I have been wearing my OTK boots every chance I get lately! I cannot express how much I love them. I’ve never been able to find a pair that fit perfectly in every way before these Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots.  If you have been considering taking the plunge, I highly recommend them. I want them in multiple colors now, but I’m trying to exercise self-control.

Orange Blazer for Halloween - Waketon Road Blog

Do you have any fun Halloween traditions? Brian loves Halloween, but unfortunately he is at work this year so he’s missing out on the candy and scary movies. I hope that you have a safe and fun Halloween whatever you end up doing! Thanks so much for stopping by! xo Bryn

Shop the Look:

Blazer: Michael Kors (old, similar), Tee: Old Navy, Skirt: Loft, Boots: Stuart Weitzman (similar pair under $200)

25 thoughts on “Orange Blazer for Halloween

  1. Missy

    I love your OTK boots!! I might just need to try them for myself.


      I highly recommend them! I have fallen in love! xo Bryn

  2. Rach

    Love this outfit! It’s so festive but still chic. You are so lucky you will be getting trick or treaters! Living in a condo, we don’t have any that stop by.


      Thanks so much Rach!! I’m excited to see how many we get this year! xo Bryn

  3. Annabelle

    Looks amazing! I love the way you’ve styled it!

    x Annabelle


      Thank you so much Annabelle!! xo Bryn

  4. Mary Powers

    I love this SO much, Bryn!!!! How perfect that a black cat came by… I mean! This outfit is so adorable but extra perfect for Halloween! You can do no wrong, girlfriend! Have a great Halloween!


      Thank you so much Mary!! I really couldn’t have planned it better! Happy Halloween! xo Bryn

  5. Petra

    Synchronicity, you are connected and your surprise and delight shows…great outfit too! MOM


      Thank you!! xo Bryn

  6. Jenn Lake

    Perfect look for fall, especially today! Love it!


      Thanks so much Jenn! Happy Halloween! xo Bryn

  7. Brooke

    I love your boots Bryn! And that orange blazer is perf for Halloween! I agree, these days handing out candy is the best part! ❤️🎃 Great job on the post, girl.



      Thank you so much Brooke! Love that tunic in your post today! xo Bryn

  8. Lauren

    This is stunning! I love it!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


      Thank you Lauren! That’s so nice! xo Bryn

  9. Emily

    This outfit is perfect for Halloween 🙂



      Thanks Emily! It’s my go-to! xo Bryn

  10. Dana Mannarino

    This look couldn’t be any more perfect for today!

    Pink Champagne Problems

  11. Victoria

    The blazer adds the perfect touch to this Halloween look! I am definitely splurging on a pair of those boots, they are too cute to pass up!

    xx Victoria

  12. Meghan

    OH MY GOD! Seriously a black cat came around!? I would have freaked out lol!!

    Meghan |

  13. Kate

    The perfect outfit for Halloween. Love the stripes and bright orange

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