Time to Recharge

You know how people say “I’m going to need a vacation after this vacation”? Well, usually that’s me. I love to travel, but I am always overly ambitious with my itinerary and can sometimes come home even more exhausted than when I left. Even though I always have a blast it can sometimes be nice to just relax and enjoy quiet time. That is after all why we take vacations, right?

Coronado Sunset - Beach Look: Lou & Grey sweater and cut off shorts

Coronado Sunset - Beach Look: Lou & Grey sweater and cut off shorts

I was only supposed to be in San Diego Friday through Sunday, but the airline gods had other plans for me. My Sunday flight was cancelled making it impossible for me to fly home until early Monday morning (oh, darn!). With nothing planned, hubby and I decided to head back to our favorite spot on Coronado Island and catch a Cali sunset.

Coronado Sunset - Beach Look: Lou & Grey sweater and cut off shorts

Coronado Sunset - Beach Look: Lou & Grey sweater and cut off shorts

With our beach towel in hand we made our way to the dunes, away from the remaining beach bums, to sit and wait. The sky was cloudy and casting the softest glow over everything. Between that and the rhythmic sound of the waves hitting the shore it was hard not to feel peaceful and relaxed. I didn’t realize until that moment how stressed I have been lately.

Coronado Sunset - Beach Look: Lou & Grey sweater and cut off shorts

I have been hearing the phrase “I’m just too busy” everywhere lately. Everyone always has so much going on in their lives that I think we all get into a routine of going, going, going and we’re not taking the time to recharge. I know my “busy-ness” is mostly self-inflicted. Blogging has added a whole new layer of work to my life that I am more than happy about, but because I love it, I don’t always know when to stop.

Coronado Sunset - Beach Look: Lou & Grey sweater and cut off shorts

Coronado Sunset - Waketon Road Blog-28

What I love about blogging is that it gives me an excuse to go out and look for inspiration, constantly. You start to see the world differently. It gives you a new perspective on your priorities. It’s so important to take time to unplug and just enjoy the moment. With so much tragedy in the world today, I hope we can all take time to think about how small we really are – like a single grain of sand. One grain does not make up a beach, it takes all of us. We are all in this together, so remember to be kind to one another.

Coronado Sunset - Waketon Road Blog-32

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend! Thank you for taking the time to read my post, it always means the world to me. Sending you lots of love! xo Bryn

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Sweater: Lou & Grey, Shorts: Old Navy (old, similar), Flip Flops: Reefs (similar), Sunnies: LOFT

38 thoughts on “Time to Recharge

  1. Jenn Lake

    Loving this post and the sentiments! Have a good Friday, lady!

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Thank you Jenn!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend! xo Bryn

  2. Maggie

    These photos are simply stunning!! I love your casual vibe too 🙂


    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Thanks Maggie!! Happy Friday! xo Bryn

  3. Rach

    As much as I love traveling, they are definitely exhausting. I usually give myself a day or two to unwind before getting back to the real world. I feel the same way too about blogging – it adds more ‘to do’ list in my life but at the same time I get so inspired by it. I hope you have a great weekend!


    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      It’s so nice to be able to take a few days before jumping back in! And I agree, it’s so inspiring even if it is a lot of work, it’s always fun! Happy Friday! xo Bryn


    What beautiful photos! I love California, we’ve only been to San Diego a couple of times. x/Madison

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Thank you! This was my first time in years and I fell in love all over again! xo Bryn

  5. The Fashion Folks

    Love the mint green sweater, so charming and perfect for the beach! Xx


    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Thank you! It’s the coziest sweater! xo Bryn

  6. Rachael Burgess

    This post is so beautiful… I want to visit this place. xxx

    Rachael Burgess | http://rachaelburgess.com

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      It’s a gorgeous place! I hope you get a chance to visit! Thank you for reading! xo Bryn

  7. Eva Macij

    Awesome blog!
    Keep up a good work.
    Let’s keep in touch

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Thank you! I will check out yours! xo Bryn

  8. Emma

    These pictures are so pretty! I love Coronado Island! Great post. xo


  9. Amy Arnold

    I love going away too but the busy trips do end up exhausting. Recharging is necessary.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  10. Sia Foch

    What a wonderful post, you’re so stunning!

    -xx, Sia

  11. Hun

    Cool shots with amazing views! Loving this post 🙂


  12. Nikki

    What a beautiful place! And such true words!

  13. Violette

    It’s so nice to recharge ourself and take few days! The photos are so beautiful and looks like you had a relaxing time there!


  14. nat

    gorgeous photos and post!
    I know the feeling, sometimes travelling can be so exhausting.
    Also for me blogging is sort of a happy escape 🙂

  15. WaistCincher

    Such an inspiring post. It has been a long time since I spent time for myself. While it is true I am busy with work, it is not like I can’t take a day off or two to indulge in nature and find peace of mind 🙂

  16. Vettae K K

    Great post, I’m sure this moment was special like i can see in the pictures. YOU LOOK GREAT!
    Have a nice week ahead
    XoXo – Vettae

  17. Chelsea

    What a perfect sunset! Thanks for capturing this beach scene for us 🙂

    Chow Down USA

  18. Christianne

    Best way to recharge, love beach days. Great post babe.
    Xo, Christianne

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Thanks Christianne! I totally agree, you can’t find a better place to unwind! xo Bryn

  19. Megan

    Perfect spot to sit and recharge. Something about sand under my feet that instantly makes me feel relaxed.

    Denton & Lou 

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      I couldn’t agree more! xo bryn

  20. Jessica

    Beautiful photos and wonderful post! I’ve also noticed that blogging makes me look at the world differently. It motivates me to get out more often and have experiences that will inspire me to write. I have even come out of my shell a little and started talking to people more.
    I’m glad you got a chance to watch the sunset and relax!

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Thank you so much! I definitely feel like blogging has had such a positive impact on my life because of the community and how creative it allows everyone to be. It’s great! Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it! xo Bryn

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  22. Jessie @ Chasing Belle

    This post is so inspiring, thank you for sharing these words. I have a hard time putting into words what drives my creative energy; why I love blogging. I think you summed it up perfectly by saying that it makes you want to keep looking for sources of inspiration. That is so true! I live in Southern California so glad to hear you got to enjoy an extra day of San Diego sunshine!

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Thank you so much Jessie! I’m glad it inspired you in some way! I love what blogging does for my creative juices and it really does give you a whole new perspective! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading, I appreciate it! xo Bryn

  23. Elizabeth Mayberry

    AHHHH! These photos are stunning! You are so beautiful! And what a fun place to be!!!

  24. Nicole George

    Gorgeous girl! Best mix up the airlines ever made, huh?
    Nicole | http://www.bynicolegeorge.com

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      Really can’t complain! Thanks Nicole! xo Bryn

  25. Rebecca

    Beautiful spot to be ‘stuck.’ And I definitely know what you mean about needing a vacation from your vacation! 🙂

    1. bryn.a.lackey@gmail.com

      It really was! I couldn’t complain one bit! xo Bryn

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