Dallas Farmer’s Market

Lately Brian and I have been making more of an effort to watch what we are putting in our bodies. This means paying attention to the ingredients and where the food is coming from. We have a small, local farmers market about 5 minutes from our house but we recently made the trip downtown to peruse the selection at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Waketon Road - Farmers Market

Waketon Road - Farmer's Market

The Shed is exactly what you think of when you hear “Farmers Market” with the merchants tables in rows, the live music playing and the refreshing breeze blowing through. We went from table to table to make sure we saw everything.

Waketon Road - Farmer's Market

Waketon Road - Farmer's Market

Late last year there was an extensive renovation on the DFM and The Market was introduced. This is an indoor merchant hall featuring restaurants, shops and sweet stops like Chelles Macarons. Now, even though we are being conscious about what we are eating, I don’t often say no to macarons. How can you when they look this pretty?

Waketon Road - Farmer's Market Waketon Road - Farmer's Market

When I heard that pups are allowed in the outdoor areas of the DFM I knew we would have to bring Bear. He had the best time sniffing around the merchant tables and making new friends with everyone. I think we got stopped every five feet by people asking to pet him; he was in heaven!

Waketon Road - Farmer's Market

It was quite a drive for us to get down to Dallas, since we live in the burbs, but the trip is worth it to take advantage of the amazing selection they have. I am excited to go back this summer when the seasonal fruit is available, too. It’s just amazing how much better you feel when you eat natural, non-processed foods.

Waketon Road - Farmer's Market


Waketon Road - Farmer's Market

You can see the full list of vendors at the Dallas Farmer’s Market here. If you are in the Dallas area I highly recommend a weekend visit this Spring.

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